IT Support: the help you need, when you need it most

At Microworks, we know that prevention is better than cure. Our consulting and integration services are aimed at making sure our clients have reliable computer networks, which reduces the time they need to spend on support calls.


However, sometimes things go wrong, and when that happens, you need to know that your calls will be answered and your problems solved. So we offer clients two levels of ongoing support:

  • standard support, provided on an ad hoc basis
  • premium support, consisting of prepaid hours to be used within a specified timeframe


Benefits of premium support


We strongly encourage clients to consider taking up a premium support package. We offer a discount of up to 25% on premium support. When you sign up for prepaid support, you receive a detailed report at the end of each month indicating how much prepaid time has been used and the services that were performed. We also advise you when your prepaid hours fall below an agreed level.


Both standard and premium support includes prompt assistance over the phone or via an online remote assistance session. Most problems can be solved remotely. However, only premium support gives you instant access to on-site support when you need it most.


Premium support also includes regular preventative maintenance and system health checks. This allows us to identify any potential problems before they become major issues that can negatively impact your business. We also maintain a checklist that gives you an accurate overall picture of your IT environment.


Contact us for prompt, friendly IT support that makes your computer problems go away, and prevents them from coming back.